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Pitt Lab of Ecology at Pymatuning

Today students went to Pymatuning as part of science class to learn about a variety of environmental topics from water quality research to how to protect bird populations to the identification of mammals of Pennsylvania and how to protect their numbers. They also had the opportunity to use high powered microscopes to view plankton and phytoplankton. This was all made possible through a collaboration and cooperation of University of Pittsburgh and Allegheny College.

Schoolwide Behavior Assembly

Students and staff review the core four of the school's behavior policy a part of our Schoolwide Behavior Policy. This program was part of Hempfield Elementary and East Elementary for the past few years and will now come together in our new school, Greenville Elementary as a true schoolwide behavior program. Older students are expected to become role models for younger students.

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

The Greenville Area School Board, district administration, teachers, community members and students gathered for a formal ribbon cutting ceremony at the new elementary school. After a lot of team work, the beautiful construction of Greenville Elementary is finished and two elementary schools will become one. What was once a building for kindergarten to third grade will now house up to sixth grade. Enjoy the pictures below of our beautiful new school.